Erotic massages

Our massages are an alternative out of the ordinary. The main objective of them is relaxation and awakening each and every one of the senses of our body, so we will describe one by one below:

  • Tantra Massage - 60 MINUTES EUR 120 €

Our greatest treasure, the most tantric and relaxing. It is the purest tantra, with all the complete base and tantric postures more enveloping. A massage that engages for its purity and that will make you experience a state of total relaxation, thanks to the caresses applied gently by the whole body. It is a very sensitive and sensual massage where the masseuse uses hot oils, where exclusively you will be the protagonist.

  • Nuru Massage - 60 MINUTES € 150

If you are looking for an erotic and very sensual massage, we invite you to try the authentic Nuru. The millenary techniques of tantra with a Japanese fusion. In addition to our hot oils we add an algae gel in a cold (summer) and / or hot (winter) version, very soft to the touch and slippery. It is done with the two nudes, providing you the caresses of the masseur slipping through your body and the more erotic tantric positions that you have never imagined. A massage that will not leave you indifferent and will make it a unique experience.

  • Duo Deluxe Massage - 60 MINUTES 250 €

It is a massage indicated for customers wanting to enjoy and try new experiences. Deluxe Duo is an explosion of sensations, double pleasure and extreme eroticism. The massage will start with an erotic shower, where you can caress the sensual bodies of the masseurs, then you will go to a futon where you can enjoy our body-to-body massage and erotic games, with a perfect synchronization between the two masseurs. Thanks to the complicity that exists between them, you will become part of an erotic triangle that you wish would never end. It is a magical explosion of sensations.

  • Body to body massage - 60 MINUTES € 120

Erotic massage is both an art and a technique, that's why we take care of all the details. In this massage the masseur will give prominence to every corner of your body and will make you experience pleasurable, sensitive and unforgettable moments. Soft caresses, sensuality and eroticism, you will enter an intimate and unique space where you will reach a state of deep relaxation, with the greatest erotic load you can imagine. A unique experience, different, original and very exciting.

Soapy Deluxe massage

60 MINUTES € 150

Using the same techniques as in our beloved massages, but adding a soft mousse in the interactive part, mixed with the tantric postures. It is accompanied with foam and a body-to-body massage that will not leave you indifferent. You will enjoy all the sensuality and eroticism with a high degree of complicity with the masseuse, until you reach the climax.

  • Massage for couples - 60 MINUTES - check price

We invite you to enjoy a massage with your partner, awaken the sensuality, eroticism and complicity that exists between you, together with our masseurs. Take steps to a new world, full of seduction, caresses and passion, which opens the doors to desire and pleasure. Seduce your partner and she will do the same with you, a game for both of you, feeling the pleasure of erotic massage as a couple.

  • Fantasy massage - 60 MINUTES EUR 120 €

This massage carries the same privileges as in all our massages, but it is added the most dreamed and erotic fantasies you can imagine. Erotic role plays are consensual practices in which a role is played during the erotic encounter to evoke fantasies.

This kind of erotic practices require a great interpretative capacity where the actors are abstracted from their personality to recreate a new and different one, which is often interspersed with scenarios meticulously prepared for the occasion and to give a unique atmosphere in the game scenario.

  • Prostatic massage - 60 MINUTES EUR 120 €

This massage focuses exclusively on stimulating the male perineal and prostatic, always accompanied by a good lingam massage and testicular stimulation, so the orgasm will be very pleasant. Sometimes there are those who do not decide to try it, due to the pressure of taboos, but it is undoubtedly one of the most erogenous points of the male anatomy. Break all these restrictions and dare to experience these new and pleasurable sensations with our masseurs.

  • Fetish Massage - 60 MINUTES EUR 120 €

It is one of our best erotic massages, it is a very special and unique massage where the work with the feet besides the body to body is especially important. It is a massage for the most daring and intrepid. Those who really want to be surprised in this world. You will experience the greatest erotic ending possible with your masseuse. An erotic massage never seen that will leave you speechless and with a lot of desire for more.


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