Our masseurs are beautiful, sexy, delicate, discreet, careful and unique. The place we present is full of provocative intimacy and we are all here to give you a lot of special moments, time of total relaxation, infinite attention and pure eroticism.


It is a beautiful black-eyed brunette, with natural curves and soft skin, will give you the sensuality and eroticism that you are looking for surprising you at every moment as it is a professional erotic escort and masseur.

In the most critical moments you will perceive the excellent attention I offer, accompanied by extreme warmth, elegance and my knowledge of being.

She is involved, attentive and very affectionate, living the art of eroticism, live erotic massage with naturalness and trying to make each encounter different, so that you do not forget to have an appointment at your side. She is an expert escort in hand-to-hand massage, fantasy, she is very passionate and funny, she will make you feel a thousand and one sensations very pleasant.

It is pure passion, the excitement and the climax, the looks and the caresses, the whispers, everything is important and you can consider her an authentic goddess of pleasure.

  • Age: 22 years

  • Eyes: Black

  • Weight: 57 Kg

  • Measures: 100-65-90

  • Country: Venezolan

  • Languages: Spanish,INGLISH


She is a young erotic masseur like few others, she will leave you completely fascinated. She attracts with its sweetness and sympathy. She gives off freshness at each step. and as soon as you discover how pleasurable a sensitive massage full of good energy can be, you will become completely addicted. Knows perfection both the masculine body that the feminine, its erogenous, sensitive areas and everything related to pleasure. His specialty is the Erotic massage, Body to Body, Prostatic and Fantasy massage. Serves men, women and couples.

  • Age: 19 years


  • WEIGHT-53 KG

  • MEASURES-90-65-90

  • Languages: Spanish


With a sweet body and well-pronounced curves, it will give you the sensuality and eroticism that you are looking for, it will surprise you at every moment, in the most acute moments you will notice the attention it offers, accompanied by extreme warmth, elegance and knowing how to be. Sara is defined as pure passion, she is an expert in Soapy, Tantra, Body to Body and Nuru massage. Serves men and women.

  • Age:26 years

  • Green eyes

  • Weight:56 Kg

  • Measures: 95-65-95

  • Country: Venezuela

  • Languages: Spanish / English


It is a magical erotic masseur, which fades glamor, in addition to having a slender body wrapped in curves, is refined, elegant and distinguished, a real delight for all those demanding gentlemen who are always accustomed to the best of the best.

But is that, in addition, possess an overflowing imagination to create bedding with your partner, an innate ability to make all those fantasies that haunt you in your head and, of course, to please any whim you can have. Its great virtue is the surprise, her erotic massages are never the same, she is a specialist in Tantric massage, Nuru, Body to body, Lingam and Fantasy. Serves men, women and couples.

  • Age: 26 years

  • Brown eyes

  • Weight: 55 Kg

  • Measures: 95-65-96

  • Country: Venezuela

  • Languages: Spanish / English


Diana's physique is the one never seen, her eternal and perfect curves, her beautiful mane and her breasts make erotic massage an experience without equal.Diana is a spanish erotic masseur, she gives off sensuality and warmth in all her movements. Accompanying with a way of being sweet and passionate, his look conveys tenderness and his smile is captivating. He has a great mastery in the erotic shower, seducing you to the fullest and stimulating you until you reach the climax. Master sensitive erotic massage techniques, fetishism, tantric Divan, lingam and prostatic.

  • Age: 19 years

  • Eyes-blues

  • Weight: 53 Kg

  • Measures: 90-60-85

  • Country: Spain

  • Languages: Spanish / English/