Erotic Tantra Massage


People contact us for a session do so for many reasons: men, women and couples who wish to experience and be guided in conscious, sensual touch. Many have never experienced a tantric or sensual massage before and are often a little nervous, cautious and filled with questions. So, we thought we would bring you an introduction to a session to give you a flavour of the work.

In most cases the erotic massage is performed using scented oils and a lot of masseuses like to start with the use of hot towels spread all over your body bringing comfort and relaxation to the forefront of your mind. The masseuse will most often be fully naked so that you feel the intimacy.

The erotic massage which has been performed for centuries and very prominent in any karma sutra readings is proven to increase energy levels and concentration. It is recommended for any person who is looking to improve their sexual prowess to take part in erotic massage. It also improves your day to day life like all forms of massage. You will find that the majority of masseuses we advertise on Xmassage are qualified in erotic massage and it is the most common massage therapy.